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The scope of supply of HYDAC products mainly includes the following aspects:
Accumulator technology: bladder accumulator, piston accumulator, diaphragm accumulator, various shock absorbers, etc.
Fluid filtration technology: various hydraulic, lubricating filters, oil filter vehicles, vacuum dehydration vehicles, oil detectors.
Process technology: special media filter, automatic backwash filter.
Electronic measurement technology: pressure, temperature, flow detection switch, sensor and display, fault diagnostic instrument, etc.
Cooling technology: oil / air cooler, water cooler, various cooling devices, oil supply pump.
Hydraulic control technology: hydraulic direction, pressure, flow control valve, proportional valve, ball valve.
Hydraulic and lubricating system assembly: hydraulic lubricating power station, control valve block and hydraulic actuator for various purposes.
Pipe installation technology: ball valve, pipe clamp, flange, pipe joint, hose assembly, quick joint.
Others: pressure gauges, pressure gauge switches, pressure measuring hoses, pressure measuring connectors, level gauges, air filters, bell covers, etc.

Industry and systems

Covers many industries in the world.
Germany HYDAC Technology GmbH specializes in the production of components and devices for fluid filtration technology, hydraulic control technology, and electronic measurement technology. Manufacturer of hydraulic parts into such products. The application range of HYDAC products is very wide, covering almost all industries, especially in the metallurgical industry, automotive industry, power equipment, chemical industry, engineering machinery, paper industry, shipbuilding industry and machine tool manufacturing. HYDAC's subsidiaries or subsidiaries are located in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, including manufacturing bases in the United States, France, India, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy and China.


Professional production and service team <br /> Hedek Hydraulic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai in September 1996 with a company area of 34598.4M2. She is the only wholly-owned enterprise with production capacity in China and responsible for Sales and technical services of HYDAC products in China. Herdec Hydraulic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, and has been widely accepted by users for its excellent price-performance ratio and excellent pre-sale and after-sales service. It is a trusted partner for users.
The purpose of Herdec Hydraulic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is: to win the market with quality; to consolidate the market with service; to open up the market with innovation.

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